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How Does Air Compression Work to Improve Circulation?

Understanding How Air Compression Works for Enhanced Circulation Massage guns, cryotherapy, sleep pods, protein supplements, infrared saunas, ice plunges: there are seemingly countless ways in our contemporary era to combat...

How Often Should You Do Compression Therapy?

How Often Should You Do Compression Therapy? Compression therapy has gone from a niche technique to a popular practice, with everyone from LeBron James to Simone Biles touting the therapy’s...

Does Compression Help with Swelling?

Exploring the Impact of Compression on Swelling From ice packs to heat therapy, sports massages to salt baths, there are a host of ways to help manage swelling. One, however,...

Air Compression Therapy Benefits

Compression Therapy Benefits Compression therapy might evoke the bygone days when nurses and servers donned compression stockings on their shifts, but even a quick glance at a pro athlete’s TikTok...

End the Stigma with Bring Change to Mind

As a brand dedicated to health and wellness for over 35 years, Homedics understands the importance of promoting overall well-being, both physical and mental.That's why we’re proud to partner with...