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Ways to Relax Your Mind and Body

Every day it’s something new: bills that need to be paid, kids that need help with homework and rides to practice, friends who want to make plans. And, of course,...

DIY Recipes for Foot Soaks

You might think giving your feet a quick daily scrub in the shower is enough to keep them clean. But your feet do a lot of work every day, moving...

What Is Tui Na Massage?

When you’re feeling stressed, tired, and overwhelmed, your body can start to feel out of balance. There’s a strong connection between mental and physical well-being and taking care of one...

What Is Deep-Tissue Massage?

Some activities and lifestyles put more pressure on muscles, tendons, and ligaments than others. Yet even jobs that require long hours of sitting can leave you feeling soreness or tension...

Mindfulness 101: Getting Started

If you’re unfamiliar with mindfulness techniques, the practice and its goals—awareness, insight, calmness—might sound unattainable. But practicing mindfulness is a simple exercise, and it’s something that can have a major...