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Sore Muscles After Exercise

You’ve probably heard the phrase “no pain no gain” more than a few times from motivational posters and Hollywood pep talks. But those promised gains don’t make it any easier...

The Benefits of Massage Therapy

Massage therapy probably brings to mind an image of a luxurious spa with warm towels, pleasant fragrances, and a professional masseuse. But the benefits of massage therapy go beyond simple...

Swedish Massage vs. Deep-Tissue Massage

Swedish massage and deep-tissue massage are two of the most popular massage techniques in the modern world. These techniques share quite a few similarities but there are key differences to...

Passive Meditation

Passive meditation or mindfulness meditation allows you to remain aware and present in the current moment, without passing any judgement or opinions of the thoughts crossing your mind.


5 Home Remedies for Pain Relief 

From chronic back pain to arthritis, a recent injury or a stiff neck, managing pain requires patience and a bit of TLC. While medications and professional treatment can certainly help,...

Easing Symptoms Caused by Stress

After a long, stressful year and a half, we’re finally beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel, though some still feel stressed and uneasy. From the...